Instead of GUI, I got a blank screen, why?

By default, CDlinux tries to guess the best resolution for your monitor. But sometimes it may fail, and you get a blank screen or a message like “Out of range”, “Input not supported”, or something like that.

If this happened, you can press the “Enter” key twice. And CDlinux will restart X with a safe resolution. In most case, this will solve the problem.

If this also failed:

      press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to switch to tty1
      press "Enter" to active tty1
      run the following command:
              rm -f /etc/X11/xorg.conf
              killall X

This will force CDlinux to restart X with fbdev driver.

By default, the fbdev driver in CDlinux will use 800×600 resolution and 16 bits colors. If you want other resolutions and/or color depth, please add the “vga=xxx” kernel command line parameter. Where “xxx” is listed in the following table:

Colors 640×480 800×600 1024×768 1280×1024
256 0×301 0×303 0×305 0×307
32k 0×310 0×313 0×316 0×319
64k 0×311 0×314 0×317 0x31A
16M 0×312 0×315 0×318 0x31B

Intel i8XX and KMS

if you are using Intel i830, i845, i865 graphics with CDlinux-0.9.4+, please also add the “i915.modeset=0” kernel command line parameter. For example, if you want 1024x768x32, please follow this (thanks to Howard Goodman <howard POINT goodman AT talecris POINT com>):

To overcome the video problem with some Intel video cards, perform the following steps at boot-up:

Boot up CDLinux. When the options screen appears:
Press ‘e’ to edit options.
Press down-arrow once to highlight Kernel commands.
Press ‘e’ to edit kernel command string.
Locate cursor at end of command string.
Add one space. Then type ‘i915.modeset=0 vga=0x318’.
Press 'Enter' key.
Press ‘b’ to boot.

Failed again? Seems your video card doesn't support the VESA 2.0 standard. In this case, you should modify your xorg.conf manually. Call the vendor for specifications, and do some googling. Good luck!

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